Novus Group recently extended the regional information available for all PRINT MEDIA publications monitored on our extensive source list.

Where the country and region of the source monitored where previously added to all items, an extension of this metadata is now available. Clients will now find additional regional breakdowns in their data (Excel exports from client dashboards) that can be used in reporting.

This will also allow for in-depth geographical analytics of media coverage. Clients that need to provide Share of Voice (SOV) per region, country, province, town or even suburb will now be able to easily receive this information as part of metadata attached per publication.

Clarification of Regional Breakdown:

Region: Including regional breakdown such as Southern Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, United Kingdom etc.  

Country: The country the source is published in, like South Africa, Ghana, Kenya etc. 

Province: Provinces as it applies to relevant country. For South Africa, the nine provinces apply such as Gauteng, Western Cape etc.

City/Town: Refers to specific city the publication is published in. Fourways Review is published in Johannesburg for example.

Suburb: Fourways review will also carry a suburb allocation as in this case Fourways.

Please Note: Where any regional breakdown information is not available no region allocation will be available. An example will be a national publication that will only carry a Region and Country allocation as per the above definitions.

Novus Group is continuously looking at ways to provide service excellence and we trust that this improvement will add value to our clients reporting from data provided.

For more information regarding Novus Group’s services, please email:

Aurelio Apicella Manager: Marketing & Communications Manager