Statistical Insights on Print Media 2019 vs 2020

There has been a decline in publications/pages from January already, due to a move to more digital editions of print sources. It is clear however, that the COVID-19 lockdown had an immediate effect on the print media numbers as the decline in figures grew...

It is Black Friday!! We have been keeping a close eye around social media and online to see what is trending, and so far there are 7800 media conversations today surrounding #blackfriday2020. The overall sentiment is neutral with the brands Samsung South Africa and Leroy Merlin making up the most share of voice. In sport brands adidas received more mentions than Nike, while ZARA HOME RETAIL SOUTH AFRICA is getting more mentions as retail fashion brand. Looking at automotive, AstonMartin, Volkswagen Group South Africa, and Toyota South Africa have come with an equal media share on #Blackfriday2020. It is notably interesting to see Aramex South Africa leading in the courier companies and Standard Bank Group leading the conversation in the banking arena.